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A Cordial Welcome to You at  ♥TAJ MAHAL♥  Restaurant

We look forward very much to welcoming all friends of the refined traditional Indian cuisine - and to everybody wishing to join - in our TAJ MAHAL restaurant.

Our restaurant is named after the world-famous TAJ MAHAL monument in the Central-Indian city of Agra. Built by Great Mogul Schah Jahan as mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz more than 370 years ago, this extraordinary building has gone down in the annals of history as "Palace of Love".

With loving care, in remembrance and with appreciation of old traditions as well as with solicitous Indian hospitality, we would also like to spoil you in our TAJ MAHAL restaurant and tempt you to experience a dream world with wonderful flavours and exotic delicacies.

Enjoy deliciously marinated and most tender Tandoori barbecue specialities with meat, fish and vegetables out of the original charcoal-clay oven Tandoor, a great variety of vegetarian dishes and traditional fine Indian cuisine with exquisite sauces and mixed spices in a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

Our menu will certainly get you already in the right mood to expect upcoming culinary delights.
We will be glad to pay attention to all your individual wishes and requirements. Please let us know whether you would like your meal very hot ("hot as in India"), less hot or not hot at all or e.g. salt-free, should you be on a special diet.

We are at your service 365 days a year and look forward very much to welcoming you soon.

Enjoy your stay and thank you most sincerely - Yours, TAJ MAHAL team !

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